IRG PHENICS CNRS International Research Group

PHENICS is acting as a major network of cooperation on photochromism gathering research teams from China, France, Germany, Japan and Russia.

PHoto-switchablE orgaNIC molecular systems & deviceS

8th International Symposium on Photochromism 2016
& 11th Phenics International Network Symposium

The 8th ISOP (International Symposium On Photochromism) will be held in November 4th through 7th, 2016 in Shanghai, China.
Phenics Symposium will be held right after the 8th ISOP at the same place in the afternoon of Monday November 7th, and a banquet is scheduled in the evening of 7th.

The International Research Group on PHoto-switchablE orgaNIC molecular systems & deviceS (IRG PHENICS) is a network of research groups working on (mainly organic) photochromism. Supported in France by Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) as a “Groupement de Recherche International” (GDRI), it gathers members from China, Germany, Japan and Russia.

This network has been organizing meetings annually since 2006. The 11th PHENICS International Network Symposium (7th November, 2016) will be organized consecutively to the 8th International Symposium On Photochromism (4th – 7th November 2016) in Shanghai. We thus expect participants not only from the network, but also from a wider scientific community.

The meeting will consist of about 10 oral presentations from 14:00 to 18:20 7th November. Topics will be related, not only, but mainly to the following aspects:

Elaboration of new photochromic molecules and materials
Mechanisms deciphering of photochromic systems
Effects related to photochromism
Nanoscale photochromism
Applications of photochromism in optoelectronic systems, in biology, and other fields


The workshop will be hosted by the East China University of Science and Technology, Yifu Building (on campus, same room of ISOP2016)


The Symposium will start on 7th (Monday) at 14:00, and end same day at 18:20.

14:00–14:10 Opening & Welcome address

Session 1

14:10–14:30 W. Zhu, Photoswitching between black and colourless spectra exhibits resettable spatiotemporal logic
14:30–14:50 E. Barrez, Competitive photophysical processes on photochromic diarylethenes molecules
14:50–15:10 A. Dreos, Norbornadienes: novel molecular photochromic systems for MOST and molecular electronics
15:10–15:30 J. Gurke, Acid-catalysed Thermal DAE Cycloreversion. A Potential Way for Triggered Release of Stored Light Energy?
15:30–15:50 W. Zhang, Porphyrin-containing Polymers for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
15:50–16:00 R. Li, Self-Contained Photoacid Generator Using a Subsequent Reaction of Photocylization of Teraylenes

16:00–16:30 Coffee break & Scientific Discussion

Session 2

16:30–16:50 Y. Yokoyama, HSA: A Chiral Natural Template for the Enantioselective Photochromism of Diarylethenes
16:50–17:10 J. Wu, to be announced
17:10–17:30 B. Amouroux, Inorganic upconverting “Nano-lamps”
17:30–17:50 Y. Yang, A class of Bright and biocompatible Fluorophores absorbing and emitting beyond 800 nm
17:50–18:00 M. Takeshita, E/Z isomerization of a thermally bistable photochromic dithienylethene

18:00–18:20 Concluding remarks

18:30–18:45 Transfer by bus to Grand Skylight Gardens Hotel

18:45–20:30 Banquet / Dinner at Grand Skylight Gardens Hotel

Registration & Abstract submission

Deadline for oral abstract submission is 20th September 2016.

Deadline for final registration is 30th September 2016.

For registration and abstract submission, send an email with your abstract (abstract template is given below) and if you will attend the banquet at:

Abstract template

.rtf template files can be downloaded


• Chair: Weihong Zhu (East China University of Science & Technology)
• Co-Chair & Co-Secretary General: Xiang Ma (East China University of Science & Technology)
• Co-Chair & Co-Secretary General: Michel Sliwa (Univ. Lille)
• Co-Chair: He Tian (East China University of Science & Technology)
• Co-Chair: Christophe Coudret (Univ. Toulouse)
• Co-Chair: Eléna Ishow(Univ. Nantes)
• Co-Chair: Jean-Claude Micheau (Univ. Toulouse)
• Co-Chair: Pei Yu (Univ. Paris-Sud)

IRG PHENICS Coordinators

• Sergey M. Aldoshin (IPCP RAS Chernogolovska Moscow – Russia)
• Stefan Hecht (Humbold Universität zu Berlin – Germany)
• Keitaro Nakatani (ENS Cachan – France)
• Jianzhang Zhao (Dalian University of Technology – China)
• Yasushi Yokoyama (Yokohama National University – Japan)