IRG PHENICS CNRS International Research Group

PHENICS is acting as a major network of cooperation on photochromism gathering research teams from China, France, Germany, Japan and Russia.

PHoto-switchablE orgaNIC molecular systems & deviceS

9th Phenics International Network Symposium

18th – 19th July 2014, Bordeaux (France)

Deadline for final registration with abstract submission is extended to 15th June 2014

The International Research Group on PHoto-switchablE orgaNIC molecular systems & deviceS (IRG PHENICS) is a network of research groups working on (mainly organic) photochromism. Supported in France by Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) as a “Groupement de Recherche International” (GDRI), it gathers members from China, Germany, Japan and Russia.

This network has been organizing meetings annually since 2006. The 9th PHENICS International Network Symposium (18th – 19th July, 2014) will be organized consecutively to the XXVth IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry (13th – 18th July 2014) in Bordeaux, We thus expect participants not only from the network, but also from a wider scientific community.

The meeting will consist of about 15 oral presentations from 18th (Friday) at 14:30 until 19th (Saturday) at 12:10. Topics will be related, not only, but mainly to the following aspects:

Elaboration of new photochromic molecules and materials
Mechanisms deciphering of photochromic systems
Effects related to photochromism
Nanoscale photochromism
Applications of photochromism in optoelectronic systems, in biology, and other fields

Important Information

• The evening cocktail/dinner will be organized at the “Café Opera” Friday 18: for participants to the dinner, we will collect 20 Euros by cash (no credit card) at the same time of your registration Friday 18 July. A receipt will be given by the restaurant the evening.

• For IUPAC participants, please keep your badge because we do not intend to make new one for them.

• List of hotel near the station and symposium:

– Hotel Ibis Budget Bordeaux Gare Saint Jean
– Hotel Ibis Styles Bordeaux Gare Saint Jean
– Teneo
– Victoria Garden


The workshop will be hosted by the University of Bordeaux in the heart of the city, in the historical Campus Victoire. Nearest Tram station is “Victoire” (line B).
Presentations will take place at Lecture Hall E. Directions can be downloaded here.


The Symposium will start on 18th (Friday) at 14:30, and end on 19th (Saturday) at 12:10.

July 18th, 2014 (Friday)
14:30–14:45 Registration
14:45–15:00 Opening & Welcome address
Session 1
15:00–15:20 Y. Yokoyama, Extraordinarily high enantioselectivity in photochromic ring closure of bisthienylethenes in human serum albumin: solvent and temperature effects
15:20–15:40 S. Aloïse, The photochemistry of inverse dithienylethene switches understood
15:40–16:00 N. Dalier, Photo-responsive polymer patterns to control attachment of particles, and cells
16:00–17:00 Coffee break & Scientific Discussion
Session 2
17:00–17:20 E. Ishow, Hybrid photochromic nanomaterials
17:20–17:40 K. Matsuda, Phototriggered formation and disappearance of surface confined self-assembly of photochromic diarylethene: a cooperative model at the liquid/solid interface
17:40–18:00 V.I. Minkin, Metal complexes with new photochromic chelators: structure, stability and magnetically responsive rearrangements
18:00–18:20 S. Ito, Fluorescence switching property of diarylethene derivatives at the single molecule level
20:00 Cocktail / Dinner at Café Opéra

July 19th, 2014 (Saturday)
Session 1
08:40–09:00 F. Bondu, Hyper-rayleigh scattering characterization of electro-(photo) switchable benzazolooxazolidine derivatives
09:00–09:20 O. Galangau, Photochromic properties of newly designed symetrical and non-symetrical perfluoro-diarylethenes: influence of the benzothiophene
09:20–09:40 H. Yamashita, Theoretical design of fast photochromic molecules
09:40–10:00 K. R. Sunil Kumar, Perfect ON/OFF photoswitching of the motility of a Nanobiomolecular machine
10:00–10:30 Coffee break
Session 2
10:30–10:50 C. Coudret, Photo- and chemo-stimulable architectures from j- and h-aggregated hydrophobic spirooxazines
10:50–11:10 F. Lafolet, Multi-addressable redox and photo-switch based on dimethyldihydropyrene photochromic unit and coordination terpyridine complexes
11:10–11:30 T. Le Saux, Out-of-phase imaging after optical monochromatic modulation (opiom) for selective imaging of photoconvertible proteins
11:30–11:50 K. Nakatani, Recent investigations on cis-1,2-dicyano-1,2-bis(2,4,5-trimethyl-3-thienyl)ethene
11:50–12:10 Concluding remarks

Registration & Abstract submission

Registration closed.

Deadline for final registration is 15th June 2014.

Participants can apply for an oral presentation (no poster presentation is planned) and should load the abstract file at the same time (abstract template is given below).

Registration will include access to the symposium and the coffee breaks.

Abstract template

.rtf template files can be downloaded

Important dates

June 15th, 2014: Deadline for final registration
June 30th, 2014: Program notification

For late registration or any change in your registration please contact us.


• Chair: Jean-Luc Pozzo (Univ. Bordeaux)
• Co-Chair & Secretary General: Michel Sliwa (Univ. Lille)
• Co-Chair: Dario Bassani (Univ. Bordeaux)
• Co-Chair: Christophe Coudret (Univ. Toulouse)
• Co-Chair: Eléna Ishow(Univ. Nantes)
• Co-Chair: Jean-Claude Micheau (Univ. Toulouse)
• Co-Chair: Pei Yu (Univ. Paris-Sud)

IRG PHENICS Coordinators

• Sergey M. Aldoshin (IPCP RAS Chernogolovska Moscow – Russia)
• Stefan Hecht (Humbold Universität zu Berlin – Germany)
• Keitaro Nakatani (ENS Cachan – France)
• Jianzhang Zhao (Dalian University of Technology – China)
• Yasushi Yokoyama (Yokohama National University – Japan)