IRG PHENICS CNRS International Research Group

PHENICS is acting as a major network of cooperation on photochromism gathering research teams from China, France, Germany, Japan and Russia.

PHoto-switchablE orgaNIC molecular systems & deviceS

12th Phenics International Network Symposium

Phenics Symposium will be held right after the 28th International Conference on Photochemistry ICP at the Faculty of Chemistry of Strasbourg (city center, 15 minutes by tramway from ICP) in the afternoon of Friday July 21st, and a dinner is scheduled in the evening of 21st.

The International Research Group on PHoto-switchablE orgaNIC molecular systems & deviceS (IRG PHENICS) was a network (2006-2015) of research groups working on (mainly organic) photochromism, and it gathered members from China, Germany, Japan and Russia.

This network has been organizing meetings annually since 2006. The 12th PHENICS International Network Symposium (21st July, 2017) will be organized consecutively to the 28th International Conference on Photochemistry (16th – 21st July 2017) in Strasbourg. We thus expect participants not only from the network, but also from a wider scientific community.

The meeting will consist of oral presentations of not only established professors but also of young researchers (Ph.D. course students, Post Doctorates or assistant professors) from 13:45 to 18:30, 21st July. Topics will be related, not only, but mainly to the following aspects:

Elaboration of new photochromic molecules and materials
Mechanisms deciphering of photochromic systems
Effects related to photochromism
Nanoscale photochromism
Applications of photochromism in optoelectronic systems, in biology, and other fields


The symposium will be hosted at the Faculty of Chemistry of Strasbourg, Fischer Amphi (1 rue Blaise Pascal).


The Symposium will start on 21st (Friday) at 13:45, and end same day at 18:30.

13:15–13:45 Welcome & Coffee

13:45–14:00 Opening & Welcome address

Session 1

14:00–14:15 Y. Shigeta, Theoretical Studies on Nonlinear Optical and Solvatochromism Switchs of Diarylethenes
14:15–14:30 Y. Hashimoto, Photochromic dinuclear europium(III) complex with tetra-arylene
14:30–14:45 D. Agathangelou, Effect of point mutations on the ultrafast photo-isomerization of Anabaena Sensory Rhodopsin
14:45–15:00 T. Le Saux, Resonant out-of-phase fluorescence microscopy and remote imaging overcome spectral limitations
15:00–15:15 O. Nevskyi, Fluorescent diarylethenes as photoswitches for super resolution microscopy in polymer science
15:15–15:30 C. Martin, Terarylene photoacid and photobase generator
15:30–15:40 L. Nordwig, Performance of synthetic fluorophores for single-molecule localization microscopy: screening and image analysis
15:40–15:50 H. Kubo, Synthesis of emissive [5]helicene derivatives by controlling the symmetry and energy levels of their morecular orbitals

15:50–16:20 Coffee break & Scientific Discussion

Session 2

16:20–16:30 Y. Inagaki, A Simple and Versatile Strategy for Rapid Color Fading and Intense Coloration of Photochromic Naphthopyran Derivatives
16:30–16:45 S. Sasaki, Fluorescence ON/OFF switching in benzothiadiazole nanoparticles doped with diarylethene derivatives
16:45–17:00 J. Calupitan, Highly-sensitive terarylenes and their STM studies
17:00–17:15 D. Sysoiev, Alkyne-containing photochromic diarylethenes for charge transport and fluorescence switching: revealing and avoiding their degradation
17:15–17:30 A. Galanti, Fluorescence switching in tetra-dithienylethene porphyrin scaffolds
17:30–17:45 S. Aloise, Photoreactivity of functionalized dithienylethenes for supramolecular assembly: from the solution to the photoresponsive thin film
17:45–18:00 C. Huang, N-Substituted Indigos as Red-Light Photoswitches with Tunable Thermal Half-Lives
18:00–18:15 T. Ubukata, Novel Photochromic Compounds Incorporated with a Binaphthyl Unit for Chiral Control

18:15–18:30 Concluding remarks

18:45–20:30 Dinner at PONT SAINT MARTIN, 15 rue des Moulins, Strasbourg

Registration & Abstract submission

Deadline for registration and oral abstract submission is extended to 23rd June 2017.

For registration and abstract submission, send an email with your abstract (abstract template is given below) and if you will attend the banquet at:

Abstract template

.rtf template files can be downloaded


• Chair: Pascal Didier (Univ. Strasbourg)
• Co-Chair & Co-Secretary General: Michel Sliwa (Univ. Lille)
• Co-Chair: Paolo Samori (Univ. Strasbourg)
• Co-Chair: Christophe Coudret (Univ. Toulouse)
• Co-Chair: Eléna Ishow(Univ. Nantes)
• Co-Chair: Jean-Claude Micheau (Univ. Toulouse)
• Co-Chair: Pei Yu (Univ. Paris-Sud)

IRG PHENICS Coordinators

• Sergey M. Aldoshin (IPCP RAS Chernogolovska Moscow – Russia)
• Stefan Hecht (Humbold Universität zu Berlin – Germany)
• Keitaro Nakatani (ENS Cachan – France)
• Jianzhang Zhao (Dalian University of Technology – China)
• Yasushi Yokoyama (Yokohama National University – Japan)